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Seabee Vietnam Veterans Mask

Seabee Vietnam Veterans Mask

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This Seabee Exclusive Face Mask Bundle consists of:

  • 1- Seabee Vietnam Veteran Mask. This masks offer great everyday, basic protection, but please note these are not N95 masks. Not available in any store
  • 2-PM2.5 Filters for each mask 
  • 2-Adjustable lanyard (25 inches long) to hold your mask. This handy lanyard is simple with the secure strap with an adjustable buckle. The two clip lanyards are durable and comfortable polyester cord that straps around your neck. No worries your face protection getting dirty or losing it by setting it down or shoving it in your pocket. One size fits all, adjustable buckle makes it perfect for both men and women. 

Each mask comes with (2) filters. 2 layers of 100% Polyester on the outside/print side and 100% cotton on the inside. Machine washable.

Material: Melt-blown, non-woven filter fabric.

Features: Pocket to place filter inside. Elastic ear loops are threaded with a bead for adjustability. Machine washable.

Color: Full white with white color ear loops.
Mask Size: 5" x 7"
Filter Size: 5" x 3"